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Camp Fredrika

Camp Fredrika

Client: Vestas NEU

Duration: 4 months


Site Facility constructed a camp only 28 minutes from the site. This saved almost one hour of travel time every day, adding up to a total of 5200 hours saved, over the course of the project! The accommodation setup was comparable to a 3-star hotel. All technicians had their own single accommodation with en-suite bathroom, TV and wireless Internet. Each day they were served three nutritious meals prepared by a Site Facility chef. The camp furthermore included a full entertainment and recreation package consisting of a cinema, fitness room, a gaming and billiards room, a barbecue area, outdoor activities, and much more

Concept camp anywhere

Site Facility's concept is, in short, to bring the hotel to the client – where the client needs it. Often in connection with large construction or wind turbine projects, in locations where there is often a long way to the nearest hotel, or in situations where the local hotels cannot accommodate a large number of workers. The main concept is to take a heavy task off the clients’ shoulders and instead place it with Site Facility, who are specialists in the field – thereby saving the client both money and hassle. Or, as we like to call it:

Save more –worry less.

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