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Camp Nyborg

Camp Nyborg

Client: Siemens Offshore

Duration: 4 months


Site Facility established accommodation for 25 workers at Nyborg Harbour for the duration of the project. Everyone had their own single room with private toilet and bathroom, TV and wireless Internet. Every day, a Site Facility chef served up three nutritious meals, ensuring a healthy and varied diet for the hard working technicians. By adding a fitness room, a cinema and a games and billiard lounge to the camp, Site Facility furthermore ensured that everyone had interesting spare time activities.

Concept camp anywhere

Site Facility's concept is, in short, to bring the hotel to the client – where the client needs it. Often in connection with large construction or wind turbine projects, in locations where there is often a long way to the nearest hotel, or in situations where the local hotels cannot accommodate a large number of workers. The main concept is to take a heavy task off the clients’ shoulders and instead place it with Site Facility, who are specialists in the field – thereby saving the client both money and hassle. Or, as we like to call it:

Save more –worry less.

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